Dental Crowns

dave-grody-dental-crownsA dental crown is a tooth cover that is used for a number of reasons:

  • To rebuild a broken tooth to its natural size and shape.
  • To make a cosmetic change to one or more teeth that are worn or discolored.
  • To replace a missing tooth by placing a crown onto a dental implant, which we place in our dental office.
  • As a replacement tooth which is supported by other crowns – this is sometimes referred to as crown and bridge work. Both this and a dental implant are used instead of having to wear a partial denture.

Whatever the reason they are used, crowns can be made to look and feel as natural as your original teeth. When you work with Dr. Grody, much effort is spent in matching the exact color and unique features of that area of your mouth to make the crown appear lifelike and in harmony with your other teeth.

At our office, we must prepare or shape the original tooth in need of the crown, take impressions and match the color of the surrounding teeth. Our laboratory will then provide a natural-looking, durable crown that we fit into place. We provide our patients with a temporary crown to wear while their permanent one is being made.

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Ceramic Crowns Before and After Photos

Before -dave-grody-ceramic-crown-before